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Pasta siliconica neagra 45gr

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Pasta siliconica neagra 45gr
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Product Description

1. General description:
AP-704 single component neutral RTV silicone adhesive. It makes condensation reaction through the moisture in the air, produce low molecule and occur crosslinking, finally vulcanized into high performance elastomer. The solidified elastomer has good electrical performance: Anti ageing, high and low temperature resistance (-40degree~200degree), insulation, deamproofing, no swelling and has good bonding ability to most metal and non-metal materials, and can use for the sealing of many kinds of electronic components and electronic products, no pollution to surrounding environment.

2. Technical feature:
Before vulcanization Inspection item Index
Exterior: black
Viscosity mPa. S: 30000
Specific gravity: 1.0~1.2
TFT min: 3~10
After vulcanization Hardness: JISA 20~28
Elongation %: 200~280
Tensile strength kg/cm2: 13
Volume resistivity Ω. Cm: 2X1013
Strength of breakdown voltage kv/mm: 17
Dielectric constant: 60Hz 2.3
Dielectric loss/60Hz: 0.005
Thermal conductivity W/mk: 0.2~0.3

3. Purpose:
Cementing: For the elastic cementing of metal and non-metal materials, and has no corruption to the object. For the waterproofing and damproofing cementing of all kinds of underwater apparatus, and the elastic cementing of all kinds of electric appliance sensors. Sealing: Electric heating pipe end, chemical equipment, sight glass, electric appliance, small home appliance, power supplier, LED module, optical apparatus.
Coating: Insulation, damproofing, sock proofing and other protective functions of all kinds of electronic components, semiconductor materials and electric appliance.

4. Usage:
First of all, clean the surface of the object, and then cut the muzzle, you may squeeze extrude the soft tubeor install special injector. Seal the cap after use, please control the sealing thickness under 6mm, and avoid touch eyes while operating.

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