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8-bit Microcontroller with 3584 bytes (2k x 14) Programmable Flash

The PIC16F628A is an 18-pin Flash-based member of the PIC16F62x family of fully static CMOS 8-bit microcontrollers. It is upward compatible with the PIC16F628, PIC16C62xA, PIC16C5x and PIC12Cxxx devices. Features include a 4 MHz internal oscillator, 128 bytes EEPROM data memory, capture/compare/PWM, USART, 2 comparators, and programmable voltage reference.

Microchip PIC16F628A Microcontroller Features

High-Performance RISC CPU

  • Lead-free; RoHS-compliant
  • Operating speed: 20 MHz
  • Operating voltage: 3.0-5.5V
  • Industrial temperature range (-40?° to +85?°C)
  • Interrupt capability
  • 8-level deep hardware stack
  • Direct, Indirect and Relative Addressing modes
  • 35 single-word instructions
    • All instructions single cycle except branches

Special Microcontroller Features

  • Flash Memory: 3584 bytes (2048 words)
  • Data SRAM: 224 bytes
  • Data EEPROM: 128 bytes
  • Internal and external oscillator options
    • Precision internal 4 MHz oscillator factory-calibrated to ?±1%
    • Low-power internal 48 kHz oscillator
    • External Oscillator support for crystals and resonators
  • Power-saving Sleep mode
  • Programmable weak pull-ups on PORTB
  • Multiplexed Master Clear/Input-pin
  • Watchdog Timer with independent oscillator for reliable operation
  • Low-voltage programming
  • In-Circuit Serial Programming (via two pins)
  • Programmable code protection
  • Brown-out Reset
  • Power-on Reset
  • Power-up Timer and Oscillator Start-up Timer
  • High-Endurance Flash/EEPROM cell
    • 100,000 write Flash endurance
    • 1,000,000 write EEPROM endurance
    • 40-year data retention

Peripheral Features

  • 16 I/O pins with individual direction control
  • High current sink/source for direct LED drive
  • Analog comparator module
    • Two analog comparators
    • Programmable on-chip voltage reference module
    • Selectable internal or external reference
    • Comparator outputs are externally accessible
  • Timer0: 8-bit timer/counter with 8-bit programmable prescaler
  • Timer1: 16-bit timer/counter with external crystal/clock capability
  • Timer2: 8-bit timer/counter with 8-bit period register, prescaler and postscaler
  • Capture, Compare, PWM module
    • 16-bit Capture/Compare
    • 10-bit PWM
  • Addressable USART/SCI

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