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UPS online 3000VA Hawk Intex

 1.415,52lei (cu TVA)
UPS online 3000VA Hawk Intex
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Features :

High frequency and double conversion online technology
Fully digitized microprocessor control
Wide input voltage range
LCD display
UPS start up without battery
Cold start
Advance battery management
Automatic battery charging in UPS off mode
Lightning and surge protection
Short circuit and overload protection
Fan speed auto control when loads varies
Network/Fax/Modem surge protection
Optional extension battery pack
Battery voltage display
Load capacity display
EMI/RFI noise filter
Smart RS232 communication with monitoring software
Optional SNMP card slot
EPO function (optional)
Input Land N reserved alarm function

Technical Specifications:

As follow :
Capacity 1KVA/700W 2KVA/1400W 3KVA/2100W
Input Voltage Range When load < 70%, input range is 115 ± 5VAC ~ 295 ± 5VAC
When load ≥70%, input range is 160 ± 5VAC ~ 295 ± 5VAC
Frequency Range 46-54Hz ± 0.5Hz or 56-64Hz ± 0.5Hz auto sensing
Phase Single phase
Power Factor ≥0.97
Output Voltage Range 220/230 Vac ± 2%
Frequency Range Synchronized with the utility on AC mode; 50Hz60Hz ± 0.2% on Battery mode
THD (linear load) < 3%
THD (non-linear load) < 6%
Overload Capacity >110%, 30s turn to bypass mode; >150% 300ms turn to bypass mode
Crest Factor 3:1 (max)
Short Circuit Protection 5 cycles turn off inverter, no transfer to bypass, provide alam (AC mode)
5 cycles turn off inverter, provide alarm (battery mode)
input fuse blown or breaker action (bypass mode)
Waveform pure sine wave
Transfer Time Between AC Mode and Battery Mode: 0ms
Between AC Mode and Bypass Mode: 4ms (typical value 2.5ms)
Efficiency ≥83% ≥85%
Battery Model 12V sealed lead acid maintenance free
DC Voltage 36VDC 96VDC
Battery 3 x 12V/7AH 8 x 12V/7AH
Backup Time (half load) 12 min 19 min 16 min
Backup Time (full load) 5 min 8 min 5 min
Change Current (standard unit) 1A 1A 1A
Change Current (long time unit) 7A 7A 7A
Recharge Time 90% capacity after 8 hrs charging
Communication Interface RS232; SNMP (optional)
LCD Indication 1. Input voltage/frequency, battery voltage, output voltage frequency, load watt/VA and percent, inverter temperature
2. Operation mode such as “on line”, “on batt” or “or bypass”
LED Indication 1. Green LED for normal operation
2. Yellow LED for warning condition
3. Red LED for abnormal operation
Noise Level < 45dB
Environment Temperature 0-40 °C
Humidity 0%-95% (non-condensing)
Altitude < 1500m
Storage Temperature -25~55 °C

Cantitate(min. 1buc):
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