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Intrerupator senzor miscare LC Stimati clienti. Site-ul nostru se adreseaza persoanelor juridice, in special distribuitorilor. Valoarea comenzii minime este de 300RON+TVA (357RON TVA inclus). De asemenea livrare comenzilor este gratuita prin curierat rapid. Cei care doresc sa comande produse dar nu pot indeplini conditia comenzii minime se pot adresa unuia din distribuitorii nostri. Momentan aceasta informatie va fi oferita la cerere pe email urmand ca in curand sa fie dezvoltata pe site o sectiune cu lista distribuitorilor pe judete si orase. Firmele care doresc sa devina distribuitori ne pot contacta pe email si solicita acest statut.

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Intrerupator senzor miscare LC

 19,25lei (cu TVA)
Intrerupator senzor miscare LC
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1. Features


Our products adopt the most advanced imported internal sensor and circuit, when pedestrians into the sensing range light will start automatically. (light on), when they leave light will delay and shut down automatically.


1,Super saving electricity, power consumption0.08 degrees per year;
2,Wide working voltage, normally working in100V-250V;
3,Large power, impedance biggest load can reach200W;
4,Non-contact, simple installation(three-wire system);
5,Delay time adjustable(006B specific);
6,Sensitivity adjustable( can bright during the day 006B specific);
7,Adjustable sensing range(006B specific)
8,Strong anti-jamming capacity, more safe and reliable.

Components have been doing rigorous testing and screening, before delivery we have been doing aging test, please be assured to use


2. Specification


Working power:AC100V~250V 50/60HZ
Load power:LED≤40W,Energy saving≤80W,Incandescent≤200W,Fan≤50W
Standby power:0.0088W
Delay time:15~300second
Induction distance:2~12M(default 5~8M)
Sensor angle:110~140degree


3. Application

Corridor,toilet,basement, warehouse,garage ,and other places of automatic lighting, exhaust fan convulsions and other automatic control electrical, can be used for security purposes at the same time.


4. Attention

1.to turn off power when installation, must be installed by professional
2.This switch can work normally after 45 seconds when electricity, it is infrared sensor preheat time
3. Do not overload to use.


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